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For our lodge owners Rental Reward is a brilliant but simple programme that adds an extra special dimension to an already desirable lifestyle. If for any reason you choose not to use all your holiday entitlement, you simply notify us and we’ll make your property available for subletting, providing a rental return for the week or weeks you make available. So you enjoy a holiday when you want it, and have a dependable rental income when you don’t. Up to as much as £3000 per week in the peak season.

Best of all, we’ll do all the hard work. Firstly, we’ll find the bookings via our fantastic marketing and website, then we’ll take care of all the holiday admin and finally, we’ll deliver an amazing holiday experience for the guest. Simple!

Timing - as they say - is everything. The domestic holiday market has never been so buoyant and with Rental Reward you can take advantage of the growing trend for UK holidaymakers seeking an alternative to foreign travel.

How does it work?

  • You ask us to rent out your holiday time
  • You’ll receive up to 75% of the net rental income
  • We retain the remaining net rental to support the marketing, sales costs and agency fees incurred
  • For fairness, the total rental income received is divided equally between the owners who choose to rent

Download the rental reward examples for properties available at the Whitbarrow Village Estate in the Lake District below.

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A luxury escape when you want it, a dependable rental income up to £3898 per week, when you don’t… We’re already sharing the flexible benefits of lodge ownership with over 5000 owners like you. Why not accept our invitation to come and find out more?