Luxury Part Ownership

An amazing way to own your own holiday home

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Own a slice of something special

Now a holiday home of your very own is within reach

With Luxury Lodge Estates, you can own a share of a superb holiday home, surrounded by breathtaking countryside, in one of five wonderful locations in England, Scotland and Wales. All from as little as £25,000, right up to £85,000.

Although you’ll share your home with other likeminded owners, you’ll have a set number of weeks each year that the property is your own, furthermore your lodge will be managed by our on-resort team, you can be certain that it’ll be kept in perfect, luxurious condition - just as you left it and ready for your next visit.

Yours to enjoy, yours to let… Any of your allocated weeks that you don’t wish to use as holiday you’re free to rent, through us, to other holidaymakers. You could earn nearly £3,000 a week in peak periods. So you’ll have the additional reassurance that you’ve invested in a high quality, highly desirable property providing a reliable rental income as you wish, for years to come.

We’re already sharing the flexible benefits of lodge ownership with over 5000 owners like you. Why not find out more?

How does it work

As one of our owners you’ll enjoy some of the very best holiday accommodation in some incredible locations. But you won’t pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to do so. How? Well, you’ll simply own a piece of a fabulous property to enjoy for a guaranteed number of weeks each year rather than all of it

Rental Reward

Rental Reward is a brilliant programme that adds an extra dimension to a desirable lifestyle. Enjoy your holidays and receive dependable rental income.

Property example

Sitting proudly at the top of Laugharne Estate, The Dylan’s represent both a new era and a new opportunity for just a handful of our owners.

Yours to enjoy, yours to let

Discover the joys of ownership

A luxury escape when you want it, a dependable rental income up to £3000 per week, when you don’t… We’re already sharing the flexible benefits of lodge ownership with over 5000 owners like you. Why not accept our invitation to come and find out more?