Luxury Part Ownership

Yours to enjoy, yours to let

Part Ownership - Choices, choices, choices!

As an owner, you’ll have a choice of properties to suit your budget. The properties, locations and facilities of each resort will vary, but they all provide you with three key things: asset value, fantastic accommodation for your holidays and the chance to enjoy rental income by subletting your property through Luxury Lodge Estates’ own managed service.

Properties that are currently available to purchase are in Cornwall, The Lake District and South Wales

Prices from £25,000 to £85,000.

The example used below is the Dylans development at Laugharne Estate, South Wales


How it works - Luxury Part Ownership


Each of the luxury lodges will be owned by a maximum of 10 people


Each owner receives an equal seasonal allocation of 5 weeks of the year to themselves


As an owner, you can choose to use your 5 seasonal weeks for luxury holidays or alternatively sublet all or some of those weeks and enjoy a ‘Rental Reward’ payment instead


At the end of a set period (16 years), the property is sold on the open market and the proceeds of the sale are divided equally amongst the owners of the property

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A luxury escape when you want it, a dependable rental income up to £3000 per week, when you don’t… We’re already sharing the flexible benefits of lodge ownership with over 5000 owners like you. Why not accept our invitation to come and find out more?